Factory Inspections
Factory Inspections

Travelling to China can be very rewarding however it can also be inconvenient and interfere with your business and personal schedule. We can assist you by locating and investigating the factories for you. Our reports can contain as much or as little information that you require such as,

  • Legal Standing
  • Financial Condition
  • Management
  • Work Force
  • Manufacturing Capacity
  • Quality Assurance System
  • R&D Program
  • Have they met their Taxation and Social Security Commitments
  • Photos of the Factory and there Products


Our inspection service can provide the information you need to make the very important decision on which supplier to deal with.

Our previous inspections have discovered the following problems.

  • Child Labour Breaches
  • Inferior Factory Practices
  • No Factory in Existence
  • No Quality Control
  • An Engineering Company with no Qualified Engineer

Until an inspection in completed there is simply no way to effectively know if you can trust the people you are dealing with on the internet. It is far safer to carry out an inspection.

Call Richard Smith at China Manufacturing Consultants on 0427 947 972, or email and I will respond to your enquiry within 24hours (weekdays).

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